Reliefed Technologies is the new name of the 3D technology company Arsizio. With a capital injection corresponding to more than 4 MSEK from four prominent investors, the basis for a first acceleration in selected market segments are in place. New partners provide Reliefed Technologies with experience, network and a broadened ownership base that favors continued development.

The company, that is using a patented 3D technology for cost-effective mass production, has seen a significantly increased interest in the market during 2017. With the completion of the capital injection and a strengthened organization, marketing and sales are intensified in order to further sharpen the business model to offer comprehensive solutions to selected customers.

Recruitment of Mikael Eklund as new CEO has been completed with the aim of strengthening sales and growth in the company. His previous employment was at the listed company Semcon, where he worked in various leading positions, most recently as sales director. With this, Mikael contributes with many years of experience in developing both business, customers and organizations in diverse industries.

“Mikael’s experience of technology companies, and how sales and marketing focus make businesses grow, fits Reliefed Technologies’ current situation perfect” says Mark Jansson Kragh, the company’s technical director, founder and former CEO of Reliefed. “We are very pleased with this reinforcement in the company, which will help us take the next step forward and let more customers benefit from our solution in 3D mass production.”

Mikael himself says, “I’m really looking forward to be a part of Reliefed Technologies and the journey the company has started. It’s amazing to see the response from the market and the companies we are meeting up with. I’m also proud to be part of the Reliefed team, with committed owners, board and employees where everyone has faith in what we do and clearly see the value we offer our customers”.


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