Be inspired!


There are many ways to use our technolgy in a variety of products and applications. These are only a few teasers of what we can do…

Thule WindDiffuser™ profile by Reliefed Technologies enabling the most quiet and environmental friendly roof bar on the market. 

Kåbe Original Toothed entrance mat with the rubber profile by Reliefed Technologies resulting in a more efficient product with regards to scraping and anti-slip properties.

Solar panel cooling/heat transfer application concept in aluminium enabling a larger power output.

Profile concept with anti-slip and branding features for swim ladder. 

Sheet track aluminium profile with branding and anti-slip features. 

Passenger car seat concept with integrated functions by Reliefed Technologies enabling reduction of weight and articles. 

Stair-nose profile with insert by Reliefed Technologies for branding and anti-slip purpose. 

Profile with article numbering for traceability purpose. 

Aluminium flooring profiles with esthetical pattern. 


Many things are happening all the time, in the world and at Reliefed Technologies. We keep you updated on some of the things that are circling around us.