The need of expressing the brand through the products and to stand out is of great importance to achieve success. Find out how new design possibilities comes to life in new ways.

Stylish home interior

Interior and home furnishing products to stand out both from a functionality and design perspective.

Structural profile with design touch

Patterned/structural profiles and profiles for window facades, furnishing, shelving systems or just for an extra design touch.

  • New technical solutions
  • Rationaliztion of products
  • New design possibilities
  • Superior product performance
  • Surface characteristics expressing company brand dna
Black sound waves on white background

Products, applications and systems in need of efficient sound dampening elements and where possibility of integrated functionality is of importance.

Acoustical foam in sound studio

Effective sound absorbing elements made in a single efficient production process in various materials such as aluminium, rubber, plastics etc.

  • New technical solutions
  • Rationalization of products
  • New design possibilities
  • Superior product performance
Black gradient background

When you just want to add that little extra look, touch and feel to your product by working with the surface structure.

White wavy panel

Patterned and structural surfaces getting a product that stands out and gives that extra touch and feel or just good looks.

  •  New technical solutions
  •  Rationaliztion of products
  •  New design possibilities
  •  Superior product performance
  •  Surface characteristics expressing company brand dna
White egg on white background

A product in need of branding in an exclusiv way without post processing, painting or adding a sticker.

Structured surface with brand identity embossed

Branded and patterned profiles that opens up possibilities to let your brand stand out in an extraordinary way.

  •  Surface characteristics expressing company brand dna
  • Possibilities of branding with logo


In the automotive industry and generally in the transportation industry there is a big focus on e.g. finding solutions making products lighter, cooling efficiency better, design and styling more premium and customized. Explore what we can accomplish together within this area.