End users expectations are constantly getting higher on products when it comes to user experience, perceived quality, design, environmental aspects etc. Reliefed Technologies can open up new opportunities to meet these expectations. Find out how!

Small fish with shark fin

A product concept with new functions and/or features in need of a sustainable and profitable way for serial/mass production.

Thules WingBar and Reliefed Technologies rubber insert

Optimization of the structure by placing material where needed. Isogrid patterns and varied material thickness can be enabled by 3D-iExtrusion®.

  • New technical solutions
  • Rationaliztion of products
  • New design possibilities
  • Superior product performance 

Profiles in facades on greenhouse

Profiles in facades, greenhouses and conservatories in need of integrated functions and architectural design.

Structured surface with brand identity embossed

Products with esthetical features and integrated functions.

  • Surface characteristics expressing company brand dna
  • Possibilities of branding with logo
  • Integrated functions enabling easy mounting as an example

Interior and home furnishing

Interior and home furnishing products to stand out both from a functionality and design perspective.

Structural profile with design touch

Patterned/structural profiles and profiles for window facades, furnishing, shelving systems or just for an extra design touch.

  • New technical solutions
  • Rationaliztion of products
  • New design possibilities
  • Superior product performance
  • Surface characteristics expressing company brand dna

Entrance system design

Entrance systems in need of extraordinary performance, design and/or cost control.

Kåbe Original toothed mat

As an example the toothed rubber profile in the Kåbe Original toothed mat saves 11% material, increases the scrape off effect by 13,4% and the slip resistance by 100% (comp. with the classic Kåbe Original Mat).

  • Superior product performance by better slip resistance and scrape off effect
  • Material savings
  • Gives branding possibilities

Composite decking profiles

Composite decking profiles in need of a process enabling structural surfaces for anti slip functionality or just in need to increase production speed.

Small child walking on composite deck

A profile produced in a completely new way minimizing scaling and enabling possibilities of choosing suitable structured surfaces such as structures for anti slip protection.

  • Increased production process speed
  • Minimized scaling effect
  • Possibilities to taylor surface structure for specific function/purpose


Energy efficiency, electrification and connectivity are some of the drivers demanding new technical solutions for a sustainable society. Explore how cooling and heat transfer elements and applications can be made in a completely new way with Reliefed Technologies.