Energy efficiency, safety and design are examples of three important factors that Reliefed Technologies can improve by developing and producing products in a completely new way. Find out how.

Illustration of man falling down stairs

Products and applications where the material must be used wisely and be optimized from a safety perspective.

Anti slip structure with branding possibilities

Anti slip structures in aluminium, rubber, plastics etc in one process step. Branding and design possibilities as an extra value added.

  • Cost efficient anti slip surfaces
  • Combination of branding and safety
  • 10-80% savings of cost
  • Enhanced structural performance
  • Possibilities to integrate functionality
Man walking up stairs

Functions not previously able to achieve due to design freedom limitations or too high cost for mass production.

Anti slip structure in rubber

With our know-how and our 3D production technology we help our customers to open up new possibilities and ideas for future successful products.

  • New technical solutions
  • Rationalization of products
  • New design possibilities
  • Superior product performance

Products and applications used for drive and steering where cost and material waste are of importance. Linear drive for window as an example.

Pinion rack/rackrail

Pinion rack/rackrail in one single process step in aluminium, rubber, plastics etc. without any material waste.

  • Eliminating need of machining and additional logistic steps
  • No material waste
  • 100% use of raw material
  • Increased product strength/durability
  • < 50 % of cost compared with conventional production method
  • New technical solutions
Frost on window

Building elements and systems in need of optimized features for insulation and energy efficiency.

Building components on window

Optimizing of building elements performance. An example could be to improve insulation by thermal bridge development.

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs of buildings by optimized placement of material
  • Reduction of construction cost by material savings
  • New technical solutions
  • Possibilities to integrate functionality
Composite decking profiles

Composite decking profiles in need of a process enabling structural surfaces for anti slip functionality or just in need to increase production speed.

Small child walking on composite deck

A profile produced in a completely new way minimizing scaling and enabling possibilities of choosing suitable structured surfaces such as structures for anti slip protection.

  • Increased production process speed
  • Minimized scaling effect
  • Possibilities to taylor surface structure for specific function/purpose



End users expectations are constantly getting higher on products when it comes to user experience, perceived quality, design, environmental aspects etc. Reliefed Technologies can open up new opportunities to meet these expectations. Find out how!